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Waterhole under Jánský vrch

A Waterhole under Jánský vrch is an amazing place, so to speak, right in the palm of your hand. The waterhole is located approximately 500 meters from the cottage and is one of the stops of the educational trail in Petříkovice.

In the place there is a drinking mineral spring with beneficial effects, information boards and a shelter with a fireplace where you can roast sausages.

Žaltman Lookout Tower

Žaltman is a lookout tower and the highest peak of the Jestřebí Mountains 739 m above sea level. The total height of the lookout tower is 25 meters. The highest viewing platform is at a height of 23.5 meters. To get to the top of the lookout tower, you have to climb 122 stairs, but the view is worth it.

From Petříkovice the path is approximately 12 km long and you have to follow green tourist signs leading along the main ridge. The lookout tower is freely accessible all year round.

On the way you can visit and refresh yourself in Jestřebí cottage. Before the trip, you better make sure on their website if it is open.

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